Liz Luna

Youth Ministry Leader

Meet Liz Luna!

Liz is our newest addition to the staff! She just started working at St. Paul's / San Pablo part-time in September as the Youth Ministry Leader. Liz' passion for working with children and youth in the church began when she was just 16 years-old when she first discovered and began teaching "Godly Play." She has designed and led multiple spiritual youth retreats in various churches in the diocese as well as Lock-ins and other youth and children events. Liz has a particular passion for teaching minority children that they have wonderful leadership skills and gifts to bring to the church and world and how to use them in a positive way. She is also involved in other organizations through volunteering at The Beacon and the Harvest Food truck.

At St. Paul's we have on any given week over 60 children active in many of our children and youth ministries so Liz is already busy implementing new ideas! Please reach out to Liz if you haven't met her already! She'd love to meet you.