At St. Paul's/ San Pablo we offer Quinceañera celebrations and preparations that need to be scheduled with the front office. In addition, we offer the rental of the parish hall for the party.

A little history about Quinceañeras...

The transition from childhood to woman is an important event in almost any culture. Latinos, however, mark this memorable occasion with the celebration of a Quinceañera tradition. The tradition is believed to have started many years ago when the Spanish conquerors brought the tradition to Mexico but still others say that the tradition originated with the Aztecs. In any case, a Quinceañera celebration is a Latinoctradition associated with Mexican, Central and South American cultures. Through the different ceremonies that take place today, a quinceañera is a formal presentation to society for a day to give thanks for having reached this age.

The coordination of the entire event of a Quinceañera is an effort of teamwork among family, friends and relatives. It is customary for all of them to volunteer to become sponsors. Each sponsor assumes the financial and / or moral responsibility over what has been assigned including the cake, invitations, doll, bible, rosary, etc.

It is known that the Quinceanera wear a party dress with a petticoat or crinoline underneath to make the dress look bigger, and also a crown or tiara along with her gloves. In the United States, the white dress is more common, while in other countries such as Mexico, it is very common to see the Quinceañera wear a pastel dress or even red, royal blue, or red.

Accessories for a Quinceañera include:

  • A doll (his last doll)
  • A special pillow to kneel on the altar.
  • Bible and rosary.
  • A crown.
  • An album of photos and a book for the signature of all the guests.
  • A glass for the toast and a set of knives to cut the cake.

Traditionally, the celebration usually consists of fourteen bridesmaids and fourteen chamberlains, including the chamberlain of honor. Nowadays, Quinceañeras sometimes choose to have only seven ladies and seven chamberlains. Also, Quinceañeras can have only pure ladies or pure chambelanes. Normally the ladies wear the same color and style of dresses in coordination with the Quinceanera dress and the boys wear a tuxedo.

The celebration of Quinceañera is composed of several parts. It is traditional to have a mass of thanksgiving, followed by the reception, including the famous waltz dance.

After practicing the waltz for several months, the moment for the presentation arrives during the reception. It is at that moment that the Quinceañera will dance the waltz with her chamberlain, accompanied by her ladies and other chamberlains. This is an important moment of the celebration. Other highlights during the reception are the toast and split the cake.

The whole party is full of spiritual and emotional moments, and composed of various events that include God, the action of giving thanks, food, music and dance; They are all the mix of ingredients for a happy culmination after months of planning.

The degree of opulence of the event is directly related to the financial means of the parents and godparents of the girl and a celebration of simpler Quinceañera can be so beautiful without the great dress or ladies and chamberlains. Many times, another option to a lavish party is a church ceremony and a festive dinner with family and friends.

If you would like to celebrate a Quinceañera visit us during office hours for more information.